My whole life changed after my first session with Chaya. I found a job, improved my relationship with my husband and felt more peaceful and content overall. What was amazing was that these were the issues we had worked on. It happened so fast I couldn’t believe it! –Aliza B.


Working with Chaya was a wonderful experience. She led me through a beautiful singing meditation. I love to sing but did not feel that I sung well. This did not matter. I felt the safety I feel when I sing in the car alone and yet this was so much more than just safe. I could feel myself open up and grow with this singing. It is hard to describe the calm and groundedness I experienced. Afterwards, it was as though I had just received a massage without being touched.

One of the intentions I had was to learn to deal with other people when they get upset. I was able to take the calm from the session with me. The next time another person got upset at me, I was able to stay grounded and not get drawn into the “fight” I was invited into.This is work I find very powerful and useful. I have recommended it to my Mom and others too. -Julie M.


Chaya has introduced me to many techniques to help me re-train my brain to think and react in a more productive way when things do not turn out the way I had hoped. In addition to her years of experience, she is compassionate and dedicated to helping you learn to help yourself in times of stress. -Linda C.


The first session I had with Chaya stirred up so much emotion that the tears came flooding over. It felt great to release my grief over losses that had happened years ago but were still pent up inside me. I felt a sense of freedom and renewal. I recommend Chaya’s sessions to everyone. –Sarah S


Chaya has a refreshingly pure voice and a powerful presence. I felt definite energy shifts during our sessions together and noticed the changes afterward. She has a real gift for the work that she does. –Rivkah R.


In addition to being well-trained, compassionate, and knowledgeable, Chaya has an intuitive sense for what she does that is really special. I am so excited about her work that I want to take it to the world!! –Ellen L.