What kinds of things can inner harmony help with?

Inner harmony sessions can help you change almost anything in your life including emotional issues (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.), health, relationships, career, finance, creativity and more. This is because a holistic view understands that your emotional state and thought patterns are directly related to what happens in your body and every area of your life.


What do you do in an inner harmony session?

Chaya will first talk with you to learn more about you and identify your goals, dreams and areas in which you seek improvement. She will then begin working with her unique method that combines intentional energetic alignment, transformational singing, healing meditation, visualization, brain training and more. She may guide you through the whole process during the first session or she may introduce it to you one piece at a time. Either way, you will likely spend subsequent sessions focusing in detail on specific parts of the process so that you deepen your experience and knowledge of each part of the technique. In later sessions she will also introduce cognitive training tools and help you work on releasing areas of resistance and discord. She will train you to use these powerful methods on your own as well as with her continued guidance.


Do you offer group classes?

Yes, Chaya offers group classes both locally and via distance communication methods. Contact her to find out about the classes offered and the current schedule.


Can I still benefit from inner harmony coaching or counseling if I don’t want to do a piece of the work such as singing or meditation?

Yes. Chaya will customize your sessions according to your desires. She will encourage you try anything that she feels will be helpful to you, but will always respect your right to decide what you prefer.


What if I can’t sing well?

Great! Transformational singing is for everyone and has nothing to do with performing or entertaining. If you feel that you can not sing “well”, it is likely that you stifle your voice in some way (consciously or subconsciously) and do not regularly experience the beauty of self expression through song. Transformational singing can help you to release this and reclaim your right to powerful vocal expression. This type of singing differs from traditional voice lessons in that the goal is not about producing a specific type of “performance quality” sound. (The sounds that are helpful for healing and release do not always sound “pretty”.) However, if you desire, Chaya can teach you exercises to help strengthen and free your singing voice.


What makes your services unique?

Inner harmony offers you a chance to experience the benefits of so many different modalities working together in a very specifically designed fashion. Chaya’s method gives you the benefits of cognitive training, neural network restructuring, sound and energy healing, singing and creative expression and healing meditation integrated with life coaching and/or counseling. With inner harmony, you don’t have to choose between traditional psychology based methods or other holistic healing methods- you can experience them all! This combination makes the inner harmony experience especially powerful.


Will I notice changes right away? How long should I expect to continue with sessions?

Most people notice some change immediately during or after their first session. It sometimes happens that people witness problems solved or drastically improved after only one session. Other times, changes occur more gradually. It is recommended that you commit yourself to a minimum of 12 weekly sessions in order to thoroughly experience the basics of the inner harmony method.


Why would it help me to work with a coach or counselor? Can’t I just do it on my own?

Ultimately, you are the creator of your own life and responsible for your own self transformation. Chaya’s goal is to enable you to apply all that she teaches independently. However, there is no substitute for the support, information and insight provided by a  coach or counselor. You are FAR more likely to be successful and make changes faster if you work with one.


Chaya offers you the benefit of her unique methods that are carefully designed to help you make dynamic changes in your life. Additionally, she combines her intention, energy and intuition with yours in order to achieve more powerful results.




Chaya Berdugo and inner harmony make no claims of medical diagnosis, treatment or cure. We can not guarantee any specific results in any area. It is important that you do not alter or discontinue any medical treatment without the consent of your qualified medical provider. Psychological diagnosis and treatment are performed only during designated counseling sessions. All other sessions are coaching sessions and do not include psychological diagnosis or treatment.