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Chaya’s unique method draws from the fields of expressive arts therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, sound and energy healing and life coaching. Her goal is to help you become the person you want to be and live the life you dream of.
Chaya’s special technique uses the power of singing, meditation and visualization to guide you to actually transform the neural network in your brain. As you do so, it becomes easier to experience joy, peace, focus, confidence, creativity and all that you desire.


In addition, Chaya teaches skills to help you consciously create, on a moment to moment basis, the thoughts, emotions and states of mind that are most supportive of your self and your goals. She helps you to identify and release conscious and subconscious resistance to making these changes. Chaya guides you on a journey of profound internal change that can lead to dramatic improvement in all areas of your life including physical and mental health, relationships, finances, career and more.


Chaya offers both individual sessions and group classes, in person and via distance communication methods. Individual session can be uniquely customized according to your desires.

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transformational singing

In transformational singing, the intention is to allow the song to emerge from within and become a source of growth, expression, alignment and healing. Toning (sounding of enlongated vowels), improvised singing and wordless melodies are often used in the process. Transformational singing can help to release emotions and stress, align your energy with your desires, open to intuition and higher awareness, encourage creative expression and slow brainwaves into the more relaxed state of mind desired to access and transform the subconscious mind. Don’t worry if you feel you can’t sing “well”- this type of singing is for everyone. (See faq for more information on this.) Try it and experience the transformative power of song!


meditative healing

Chaya teaches special meditation techniques in order to help you to experience a more relaxed state of mind and open to a higher state of awareness. This state of awareness brings a sense of inner peace to your life and creates the energetic environment in which healing and transformation are more likely to occur. Chaya also performs healing meditations for her clients during which they simply relax and experience the benefits of the serene energetic environment created. Many have reported feeling a sense of deep rest and healing during this experience and subsequently have noticed marked improvement with emotional, physical and other life issues.


visualization and changing the brain

The inner harmony method is designed based on cutting edge research in neuroscience that explains how the neural pathways in the brain can actually be rewired. As this is accomplished, the brain can more easily access desirable emotions and will be less likely to revert to unhelpful ones. During an inner harmony session, singing and meditation are used in a manner designed to bring you into the slower brainwave state that is more conducive to accessing the subconscious mind. Guided visualization helps your brain to “experience” the new reality you want to create. Your mind then forms the neural connections necessary to experience this state of being in your active life. Repeated visualization and experience strengthens these neural pathways.


Chaya also guides you through “brain training” while in a meditative state in order to learn how to purposefully and quickly shift from unhealthy states of emotion into more desirable feelings. She teaches additional research based techniques designed to prune unhelpful neural connections and create new ones when you are feeling emotionally charged. The result is that you will feel great more often and bring more of what you want into your life!


cognitive training


Learning to control your thoughts and consciously choose those that are most helpful to you is life changing. Chaya teaches multiple techniques based in cognitive behavioral psychology and self help in order to enable you to do so. These techniques are designed to strengthen the neural pathways in your brain that support positive feelings. This makes it easier for your subconscious mind to think helpful affirmative thoughts even when you are not actively trying to do so. She works with you to solve any problems you encounter when applying these cognitive training methods. With Chaya’s guidance, you are truly able to become the master and artist of your own mind!